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The Wisconsin Center has been called one of the most "technologically elite" convention facilities in the entire world, and that technology also extends to the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and Milwaukee Theatre. Besides being advanced, the technological resources in Wisconsin Center District facilities are characterized by abundance, with connections and power readily and plentifully available in almost all locations on the premises.

A variety of information technology services integrating Voice, Video and Data communications are available in all Wisconsin Center District facilities. The majority of these are made possible by the District's infrastructure of fiber optic and high speed copper cabling. The Voice Network centers on an Avaya digital PBX. The Data Network is designed with a Gigabit backbone and Switched Fast Ethernet ports throughout the building. Internet connectivity is supplied via our world class 200Mb per second Ethernet connection.

The District's impressive information technology capabilities are supported by a highly qualified, professional staff that know the systems and are committed to maximizing customer value by providing exceptional service and advice.

Since the world of information technology is evolving almost daily, please consult your Event Services Manager for the most up-to-date information about services, equipment and rates.

Data Communications

Data Networking
The Wisconsin Center's data network architecture consists of a Nortel Gigabit backbone and switched fast Ethernet to every port in the building. This solution, provided by SynerComm and Nortel, allows for the creation of Virtual Isolated Networks to provide the highest level of exhibitor security. Monitoring and reporting are accomplished by our internal staff via (9) levels of RMON. We can internally extend ISDN to exhibitor booths or meeting rooms for dial-up connections to the home office that are just as fast and reliable as being there!

Wi Fi
The Wisconsin Center has FREE Wi-Fi everywhere throughout our building.  It is intended for “Light-use” Wi-Fi with a speed of about 256 Kbps (upload & download).  If it is not fast enough for your event, we also have Fee-based Wi-Fi with very fast speeds (priced at prevailing rates), that can be configured anywhere you would need for your event.

Internet Connectivity
Our facilities boast a 200Mb per second Ethernet connection to our Internet Service Provider, TW Telecom. What does this mean? It means Internet connections up to 66 times faster than typical "high speed" T1 Internet connections! For business purposes, it means remote connections to the home office as fast as your company's Local Area Network can offer!

Fiber optic tubesFiber Optic Cabling
The world's fastest transmission medium is the backbone of our data network infrastructure. We can supply you with dark fiber for use with your own electronics, or we can supply the light source. All fiber optic cabling is terminated with industry-standard SC connectors.

Copper Cabling
The Wisconsin Center's data network is cabled with Category 5, Level 7 high-speed copper wire. This cabling is rated for Gigabit speeds for unlimited bandwidth needs.

IT  HelpInformation Technology Exhibitor Solutions
Do you or your exhibitors have a problem you want to solve or an idea you want to make real, but are not sure how to address it with technology? The Wisconsin Center District's information technology staff has a diverse background to assist your event or your exhibitors.


Voice Communications

Focused around our Avaya Digital PBX, we can provide the highest quality of voice communications on the market, provide on-demand billing and troubleshoot problems instantly.

Telephone Service
Local telephone service in District facilities is supplied by TW Telecom. To assure uninterrupted voice communications, TW Telecom has a redundant presence in our facilities, and outside, where they are provisioned on a SONET ring to their central office. Fiber optic connectivity at its best is provided from point-to-point.

With most facility rentals, the Wisconsin Center District provides one (1) complimentary telephone for show management use. This basic analog phone line and instrument allows unlimited, unassisted local outgoing calls and all incoming local and long distance calls. Digital service, additional lines or expanded calling capabilities may be purchased, and service can be upgraded at almost any time.

Call Center SolutionsPhone bank
The District's internal PBX allows us to function like a phone company, offering a wide range of customized services tailored to show management or exhibitor needs, including call routing, voice mail, 800 numbers, phone banks, teleconferencing and much more. The Wisconsin Center District's knowledgeable telecommunications staff will help structure your call center to optimize your time and resources.

Long Distance Service
Consistent with our overall devotion to technological excellence, the Wisconsin Center District is committed to providing exceptional quality, value and flexibility in long distance service used by its customers, employees and on-site partners. Long distance service purchased through the District and used in our offices is provided by TW Telecom. Please consult your Event Services Manager for the latest information about long distance service on District premises.

Two-Way Radios
Structured on an 800Mhz frequency, this internal system permits 2-way communications spanning 3 city blocks. Two-way radios can be made available for show management and key individuals involved with the operation of an event. This open line of communication allows immediate contact with Wisconsin Center District Event Services Managers, Door Chiefs and other personnel.  Additional radios can be rented for larger groups, if interested please contact Mark Dolan at 414.908.6087 or at

Video Communications

Scoreboard Video Systems
The UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena's center-hung scoreboard is equipped with four versatile, brilliant EIKI digital projectors and projection screens. This scoreboard provides great views of the game or your event from every angle. Thirty additional 27" television monitors, distributed throughout the Arena's concourses, lobbies and concession areas, may display the same or a different video image as the scoreboard. Most commonly used for live video feed at sporting events, this system is excellently suited for use at concerts, corporate presentations, general assemblies and other events.

We have high quality videoconferencing units available to turn meetings into global events. Our internal staff can be made available to coordinate the videoconference.

VideographersVideo Production Services and Advertising
The Wisconsin Center District's video systems utilize commercial Beta format for professional quality; tape duplication in a variety of formats is available. Our staff or on-call production crew can handle any camera work, directing, editing or other production services your event may need, including producing souvenir event tapes for sale, event advertising for local broadcast, and more.

The District's production staff archives video clips, graphics, text and stills to assist clients in assembling B-roll footage and producing event advertising. Standardized packages on a Beta cassette are available to clients at no additional cost.

When circumstances allow, the District advertises upcoming public events on its scoreboards and video systems. Additional advertising time may be purchased, and the District's video production staff can help produce advertisements to send to our many 42” LCD monitors throughout the Convention Center. For any questions,
Presentationplease contact Thomas Paul at 414.908.6090 or email him at


Almost any of the above technologies can be combined in Wisconsin Center District facilities to create live, multi-media presentations that will knock your socks off!

Audio Visual Services
Our preferred in-house audio-visual vendor, Conference Technologies, Inc., is uniquely able to provide and support the most advanced A/V equipment and services on the market. CTI maintains operations and a highly-trained, full-time staff in the Wisconsin
Center to assist with event planning and A/V needs. Contact CTI at 414.908.6190 or for prices and information. You may use the audio-visual provider of your choice.

Corporate Theater
Corporate presentations today use projections, sound, lights, lasers and special effects, and have the electrical power needs of rock concerts and
Las Vegas extravaganzas. The Frontier Airlines Center has excess electrical capacity built into its ballroom, along with permanent, ceiling-mounted rigging points and other concert-hall features. The UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and Milwaukee Theatre are, of course, perfectly suited for this.

Business Center
This on-site service, operated by Conference Technologies, Inc., offers exhibitors, attendees and show management all the technology and expertise of a professional office.
Business Center services include copying, faxing and the use of PC's equipped with popular software for Internet access, word processing, presentation production and other needs.

For any other comments, concerns, or questions please contact Thomas Paul at 414.908.6090 or e-mail him at

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